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Default Re: Arnold Shwarzenneger president in 2008?...

reagan worked... didn't it?

It's the same old song and dance and the japs will soon be in the harbour...

Can we all sway at the same time. Recognize the tune? Remember the dance?

Left 2, 3, Right 2, 3.

Oh my good God, 2, 3.


You have to laugh. They are so blatant at what they do! They think they are God. Do you think Arnie has kind of an ego thing going on? Mr. Universe, I am the world's most perfect ARYAN MALE!

Warning. red lght. red light. He doesn't have his finger on the trigger, it's on THE BUTTON and someone else is pulling his strings. This is not a good Hollywood film although Arnie may portray a perverse pinocchio well. This is the casting and plotting for a haulocast.

You might as well laugh. It's being poorly acted out. It's a joke.

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