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Default Re: Look Out! China's Comin Ta Get Ya! Booga, Booga!!!!

Analysis of Global Strategic Threats
I enjoyed the article but it tends towards the West being this helpless, virginal, fair maiden with Russia and the rest of the Mongol hoardes about to pounce on her lovely "helplessness'ness".

I believe they will cower us with plauges and smaller wars and the threat of nuclear war + economic meltdown. If we do not submit to U.N/Socialist rule...then i believe they will be willing to wipe out 2/3rds of the Earth.

I dont however believe that Soverign powers pose ANY threat to the West on their own merit.

Perhaps the point is moot.

Will they still serve lattes down at my favourite cafe by the beach after the showdown?

Who's this in the equation...

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