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Default Re: Earthquakes/Tsunami attacks? Asia stands divided against dollar and euro

Institute pasted this in a new thread

"Malaysia News:
It is time for prayers not celebration

Sheridan Mahavera & Alina Simon.


Anguished over the deaths and destruction from Sunday’s tsunami, Malaysian Prime Minister Hadji Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi called off all New Year celebrations throughout the country.

Moved and emotional, Abdullah said this was not the time to be merry.

He directed that all government-organised celebrations be replaced by prayers for the tsunami victims. The Prime Minister also requested the private sector to put on hold concerts and other festivities.

His requested two mammoth New Year Eve concerts - the AmBank group's concert at Dataran Merdeka and the "Countdown 2005" at Kuala Lumpur City Centre by Petronas to be canceled.

Abdullah said instead of merry-making, people should spend the eve of Jan 1 in remembrance and prayers for all of us and specially those who lost their family members and homes in the disaster.

His comments drew strong applause from the crowd.

"This is not the time to be happy as thousands of people are grieving. We have never had a disaster like this in modern history.

"Please take the opportunity to pray for them to be calm and patient in facing this catastrophe and pray that it will never again occur " Abdullah said.

He urged all Muslim imam and clergy of other religions to touch on the catastrophe in their sermons and prayer services."

Remember the advertising, henry... you have to agree. The trend has beenset in motion. Feel ashamed ofyour greed and gluttony was what was advertised in our localmediawhen a womansold her christmas diamond earings and sent the money to the victims aid "organization". It's Orwellian cacaphony.

Bombard their minds with greed then makethem feel guilty for that greed. Buy thecigarettes the government sells and be banished from society for smoking them.

We must feel for those people and not celebrate Christmas. It's not a time for greed but prayer - now go get to the mall for your boxing day madness and get yourself further in debt, it'll make you feel better.

That old man from the States, in the lumberjack uniform, oddly resembling uncle sam, will be replacing the kindly old white-haired red-suited dude from the north pole. Prayer and ask questions folks. Lots of both.

Looks like the greedy grinch is stealin' Christmas folks.

The new thread is time for prayers not celebration by institute... I believe they are advertising by calling for prayer that this was the will of God and not the work of the NWO. My two cents.

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