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Default Re: Katrina Educates World On Need For Owning Guns

Is everything easy? Is every issue black and white? I suspect not. Absolutely forces for good need to always be organized and vigilant. If that were the case Dubya and his goons would not be in power twice, let alone once.

The Illuminati likes violence, the more the merrier for them. Perhaps things have gotten out of control in the US, and perhaps that is very old news.

If every one had a gun in the airplane... the criminal takes a hostage, and maybe someone near the criminal gets killed by someone with a poor shot. The problem as I see it with guns is that they are offensive primarily. You try to protect your family by killing the intruder, except maybe he's a better shot or has the first shot.

Ultimately I guess, the gun issue is a mini version of Mutual Assured Destruction with nuclear weapons. And arguing for one proves the folly of the other. The problem as I see it for me 'packing heat', is that just about any goon would see me as a potential threat.

If you find yourself in a situation akin to anarchy like the Wild West then by all means apply yourself 24/7 to the miltary defense of your family. But admit that's where you have come to and stop shopping at the mall and watching Hollywood movies. I lived most of my life never having to worry about guns and it's a much better life than gun control advocates are dreaming of.

I recognize that anti-NWO folk see the gun control issue as a campaign of the NWO, and maybe it is. After all they just let things slide, and push a little, and then presto another crisis. I suggest that a NWO free way of life is one where citizens can acculturate to policing their own somehow. Guns are deadly, and the problem they bring never seems to go away does it?
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