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Default Re: "3 Days Of The Condor". Oil Price - Collapse the economy and win the trifecta!

Hey TB, I'll make this a general statement, not just about Oil. There's lots of things about this topic to pursue, but I did read the reference you pointed me to, an article reprinted in Rense about the "modern Russian" theory of Oil. I have a voracious enough appetite for information, and actually am probably more open minded on issues than average. I didn't just hear about PO recently, and I don't "believe" one thing or another about it.

Your other reference is new. I would like to know from anyone what the secret is about the Peak Oil scam. Is Oil being made down there? Great, I'll drill in my back yard some day, and get a piece of the action.

Forums are great for learning stuff... sometimes. If they are adversarial they make great sport with bombast, and the competition. But what I hated about CC when I joined was some of the petty bickering that took up loads of bandwidth. I'll try not to do that, because unlike most forums perhaps, we are all on the same side, which doesn't usually make for heated discussions.

Saying PO is a scam (Nomad) does not prove the point. If you have some knowledge - share it. Not everyone can buy a library, or own their own computer either. I do have the Condor video though...hehe

The better you know a subject the more clearly you can explain it to others, which is frustrating as hell sometimes. If you don't care to explain it, that's your choice of course.

On PO, Vialls take on it was that there was a huge supply to last for ages but that we were pulling it up too quickly in areas thus creating a future lull in production. There were Russian techniques he saw about cleaning the shaft, and drilling extremely deep that would guarantee greater output. However he did admit that these techniques weren't cheap, and perhaps too much for "Wall Street" to absorb.

FYI Canada's economy is improving with the rising Oil prices. China is trying to buy a piece of the Alberta Tar Sands etc.
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