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Sure, I agree with you lot about David Icke, he has quite a bit of info on the Illuminati but I doubt much of it was original research. It was Dr John Coleman who really blew the lid off things but Icke only covers certain parts of the agenda. He has gone so downhill these days that it appears he is more pro than anti Illuminati with his occult stuff. If people do not understand this aspect properly then they simply do not stand any hope of understanding who or what the Illuminati are about.

His followers are currently being introduced to such figures as Alistair Crowley and you would be amazed at how gullible they are, with the possible exception of the people purposefully leading people in that direction.

try this for example
In Icke's books Crowley is named as one of the most bad Illuminati agents in world's history.

I don't agree with this.
I think Crowley was a great man, a genius, a researcher.

Not a bad idiot because people didn't understand him.

Also a point about aliens and again lots of people are being misled as you might expect.
Try this


To give credit where due, Bowart s Operation Mind Control Researcher s edition, (1994) has an excellent appendix with charts which compare SRA mind-control victims and alien abduction victims. The charts reveal how similar the two groups are. In preparing these paragraphs, we have used his charts as as a basis for how we wrote these last two paragraphs up. However, the co-authors experiences in working with abduction victims match the findings of Bowart. Do aliens from another planet exist? They may or may not. It is not a real issue, we have to face what is already on this planet. Fritz has several tapes of aliens of different types talking (which were obtained from abduction survivors) and their voices sound demonic and they are saying that they have been alive on this planet for many years. One said something like he s been here on earth 500,000 years. If an alien has lived on this planet for 1/2 million years, when does he get residence status. My! If that is true, he is no alien--we are! But one thing is certain, this planet contains some very slimy evil creatures who are either real non-humans or very deceptive dark humans. The Bible calls them demons and reprobate men. The four most popular origins of supposed aliens on earth are all star groups relatively close to our solar system. They are: the Piciades, known as the 7 or 9 sisters, because their are 9 stars of which 7 are visible; Sirius, the dog constellation; the Orion constellation; and the twin stars of Zeta Reticulli, which twin stars were amazingly charted by Chinese astrologers in 3,000 B.C.! Fritz, the co-author of this book kept an open mind on the issue, could there be any benevolent aliens ? Some abductees believed that their aliens were benevolent, but when they are debriefed the admit that mind-control and sexual molestation is carried out by the aliens. Fritz, has concluded with other investigators on this question, there are no benevolent aliens , in fact the only aliens that may be around are what have been known as demons. People who have participated in high level Illuminati ceremonies report the presence of creatures that look like the various aliens . (This whole subject is dealt with in another book by Fritz Springmeier.) Some points might be briefly brought out. Fritz has amassed a great deal of evidence that the elite have human-built Flying Saucers.
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