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Default Re: "3 Days Of The Condor". Oil Price - Collapse the economy and win the trifecta!

On the subject of Thomas Golds book. He stole most of the work from Russian scientists who have been working on the "abiotic origens" of oil for over 50 years.

Simply put, there has NEVER existed on the Earth enough carbon to account for the TRILLIONS of tons of oil and gas dug up and still yet to be dug up. It is quite simply ludicrous.

Gold contends that life existed from the beginning...under the ground and is most probably where life on Earth originated. Bacteria in MASSIVE quantities is constantly making oil and gas.

Look at Titan, a moon of Saturn. By bombarding the black ooze present on Titan with U.V rays...proteins were created! DNA.

Also, "fossil fuel" theorists contend that the only way for methane to be present in great quantities is from the Sun via the carbon cycle. In other words plants and animals die and over the billions of years produce VAST fields of methane. Only one problem...Titan has no dead dinosau patches and swamps and yet it is covered in OCEANS of Methane.

The briefest of perusals of the literature easily prove fossil fuel to be a complete fabrication. In fact, quite ridiculous.

I will personally be glad to see the end of vehicles spewing vast clouds of crap into the air. However, "Peak Oil" is being used first and foremost as a technique to centralize power around the State and instigate programs of social control such as war and domination under the guise of a national energy emergency.
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