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Default Re: The Medical Mafia Dont Like It..."Intravenous Vitamin C Kills Cancer Cells".

What? They did'nt care?

I have seen a hundred cover ups in 7 years.

I have made my fair share of stuff ups. The system looks after it's own. They must defend themselves because the system is fatally flawed on a dozen levels and you will not be the first nor the last.

What were the details? Give me the hospitals and doctors name?

Do people realise that ONE pass from a C.T Scanner over the thorax is the equivilent of 400 chest x-rays?

That Doctors get gifts and back handers for refering prople to certain surgeons or hospitals or pathology clinics?

Money, money, money while they plug constantly that they are caring professionals when they are about cash. That is the hypocrisy I cannot stand.
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