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Default Re: Who will be the first to confront the menace of America?

NEX...not so. They are as predictable as a fox near a hen house.

I have been consistent for two years as have others...on this site FREEMAN and I agree in principal.

There will be NO swarming of the beaches off California...the point of Bush is to make the public accept the "Blue Hats" prevelant in the Pentagon. "Blue Hats" that have been co-operating with foreign troops for years.

Once the U.S economy is collapsed you will see troops on the street..American as first. Once Hillary is in we will see more foreign troops brought in and a reinvigoration of the U.N. Throw in limited nuke strikes by the Neo-Cons before the big bow out. Dont forget virus outbreaks through Asia.

This will show once and for all that the multi lateral U.N is the prefered method of government and world affairs...and that religion is a dangerous thing.

The moves will be gradual. Undoubtably the break up of the Middle East will be paramount...Bush will have done the dirty work...Europe can move in under the U.N with Israel threatening one and all.

None of the police state apparatus will be removed by the Left and the ministry of love...but we'll all be breathing a great big sigh of relief that that evil "Christian Fundamentalist Fascist" Bush is gone.

If the NWO program is resisted to to great an extent...they will wipe out 2/3rds of the Earth. The vast bunker systems have been built and plans are in place.

Chernobyl has shown that the land recovers quickly and background radiation drops significantly after 10 years.

"They" want to finish this once and for all.

The key is "they" must have the high moral ground. The catastrophe must show that human beings are irrational beasts and only a STRONG One World Government with enforcement powers for complete disarmament is the answer.

That is OUR role. To make sure as many people as possible know the plan and who to blame should they be silly enough to attempt to follow it through.
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