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Default Re: Who will be the first to confront the menace of America?

The only way that the US could be out of the game would be after some really catastrophic event, like a nuclear attack from Russia or the explosion of the Yellostone park volcanic caldera.

Having been in contact for 20 years with the country and having lived there, I am absolutely sure that there will be no take over of the US by foreign troups without a calamity. Never. What may happen is a new government with a globalist like SHillary in coomand, a withdraw from Iraq, a cooperation with the UN in international disputes. I believe that even a small war because of Taiwan or Korea. But invasion of the US? It is impossible. The country, to start with, is too large. The population too patriotic. The army the best in the world. No way.
Unless they are invading radioactive wasteland.

In a Christian perspective, I believe the US is commercial babylon, which will be doing business ok when its time comes. I believe there will be a pre-emptive strike from Russia so the Gog Magog war (invasion of the Middle East by Russia and allies, followed by Russia's downfall) may start. But then, we will be far into the Tribulation, maybe with the US withdrawn from the international scene, maybe with a depression, who knows. AntiChrist and Europe will be on the stoplight.
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