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Default Re: Who will be the first to confront the menace of America? long and detailed reply cannot be posted. I addressed you point by point. I'm sure it's just bad luck.

I've never had this problem before.


Firstly...just who is it you think the Elite are? You think they think like you do? People like Bush are a nobody and irrelevant. He takes his orders from elsewhere.

It is not the nice people who are pulling the strings. It is a managerial class who view the culling and controlling of the excess population of the planet as a priority. It is a management issue. Nothing more and nothing less.

You are dealing with people who laugh as they kill Eastern European prostitutes for fun. Who take part in the sickest activities you can imagine. Who have shown throught history that they are ruthless when it comes to controlling their peasantry.

Do you think the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist party will bat an eye when they cull 500 million from the central provinces?

How many Cambodians died with the stroke of Kissengers pen?

How many with Robert MacNamara when he signed off on firestorm raids on the Japanes mainland killing over 1 million Japanese souls?

Just which fairy planet are you typing from?

It is a matter of the historical record that the Elite and their Managerial Class are bent on a population cull and an ending of the experiment in Liberal Democracy.

It is a matter of expediency and a simple use of the rational faculties. It's nothing personal.

We have till 2011-12 to submit. I dont plan on doing so, so lets make sure "they" know that "we" know who the culprits are.

Your knowledge on the subject is woeful.

I will set you some reading if you'd like.
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