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Default Re: Beware the peace maker...

I am truly sad for you, Freeman.

After 5-10 years of your "connect the dots" theory, you've become the very thing which you in all probability despised once upon a time.

There is no future but what we make of it, and though you may crucify that statement down to optimistic naivety or even ignorance of the core inner truths you've been able to uncover and expound on, I'll never submit to an authority on anything which threatens to show and usher in "the way of truth".

There is none but what an individual makes of it for themselves.

If your happy place is to live in a world of intrigue, conspiracy, and secret plots the like of Sun magazines and new age periodicals touting the new colloidal silver of 2000, far be it for me to defecate on your parade.

But don't think for an instant, that I would ever follow someone's theories so devoid of hard evidence, and so reliant on the fact that no hard evidence exists because it's an "Illuminati Conspiracy" so no evidence will ever exist, conveniently.

I'll rely on what I see in my day to day, and you can continue to fabricate humorous antedotes ranging from Monsanto to Madison.

And when the end truly does erupt against both our expectations, I'll stand by my opinions on how people react, and not some prophetic assemblance of random acts and historical happenings glued together in wishful thinking meant to either fill a life's void, or a psyche's emptyness.

I hope I've made myself quite clear on this matter.
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