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Default Re: Official Auschwitz figures

What the heck, I've already roiled the waters today, so I might as well jump into this one, too.
After all of the propaganda and counter-propaganda disseminated on this issue, I have no idea what the real Holocaust numbers should be, and I doubt whether I could estimate them within a million;however, this general trend seems to emerge: As one searches further and further away from mainstream sources, a much more compelling case is made to support the notion that the Holocaust casualties have been overstated for Jewish victims and grossly understated for everyone else, especially the six million or so Germans exterminated by Uncle Joe Stalin after the war.
I would be extremely curious to see how a prosecution might be attempted against someone who pursues the cause of Holocaust denial. From what I've observed so far with Ernst Zundel, no one who challenges the official Holocaust figures is likely to get a legitimate chance to present a defense in open court.
And that alone is curiously suspicious.
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