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Default Re: Economic Aftermath of Katrina

<a href="">Judah Hertz And New Orleans</a>

[img align=left][/img][img align=right][/img]

Judah has a vision, just like "Bugsy" Siegel had.

Judah Sees New Orleans Being A Las Vegas With Southern Charm

Judah Hertz Buying New Orleans Property

Over the last 26 months, Judah Hertz has bought <a href="">o ver 25%</a> of New Orleans' prime office space through his firm Hertz Investment Group. His affiliate firm, Sapphire Gaming, began acquiring the three Reno casinos in 1999, starting with a $5-million deal for the Comstock.

Judah is <a href="">joined by</a> others in the casino business to revitalize New Orleans.

[img align=left][/img] Who Is Judah Hertz?

Hertz, 56, was born and reared in New York, where he began his <a href="">real estate</a> career in the late 1970's. His firm's portfolio is valued at $700 million. He went from refurbishing old NY condos to Miami, and finally Los Angeles. He was accused of being a <a href="">front</a> for gangsters.

He controlled three casinos until his <a href=" y">license was revoked</a>.

[img align=left][/img] <a href="">Alvi n Malnik</a>

Another real estate developer, who is said to be Meyer Lansky's successor. You can be sure he must have met Judah, since they were both in Miami Beach real estate. Malnik also had <a href="">licensing problems</a>.

<a href="" >Malnik</a> is said to have been instrumental in <a href="">Bahamas casinos</a>, and is reputed to control organized crime in most of the southern US.

<a href="">Hertz Enterprise's New Orleans Properties</a>

Hertz Allegedly <a href="">Tied To</a> Israeli and Colombian Drug Cartels

Your opiates, as well as amphetamines, are processed in Belgium and Holland, where Israeli émigrés have always headquartered. The heroin import to Israel is done from Thailand, via Holland.

The Israeli émigré presence is concentrated in Antwerp and Amsterdam because of lenient laws, and Israeli organized crime syndicates also have diamond smuggling organizations based in those cities.

World Drug Trade Is $400 Billion A Year[img align=right][/img]

The cannabis, cocaine, the opiates, cannabis resin, and the ATS markets together (methamphetamine, amphetamine and ecstasy) amount to US $400 billion a year.

<a href="">DEA PDF summary</a>

<a href="">Jerry Ogrud</a> Hertz's associate

[img align=left][/img] The Blacks Are Gone

Their <a href=" 0Flooded">neighborhoods</a> were destroyed. They have relocated, and are hoping that Bush will give them housing and jobs. If they try to come back, FEMA will give them a bill for the toxic clean-up.
[img align=right][/img]
Blackwater mercenaries <a href="">will deal</a> with unruly ones. <a href="">Video</a> of mercenaries beating old lady.

[img align=left][/img] New Orleans Elite

<a href="">They say</a>: ~ 'We gave them a bus ticket, a $2000 debit card, and some MRE's. They aren't welcome back'.

Judah Hertz is <a href="">our type</a> of guy, and he is an asset.

[img align=left][/img]Shayetet 13[img align=right][/img]

<a href=" ity">Israelis Were In New Orleans</a>

Israel has IDF units that specialize in demolition, and 90% of the <a href="">Mossad's operations</a> involve bombs.The most knowledgeable <a href="">people </a> in the world about <a href="">explosives, are Israelis</a>.

Think Of The Possibilities

What if you had access to the $400 billion a year world of drug money?

Some people actually plot things like this. Bring in <a href="">Israeli explosive experts</a> (people you can trust), to set an explosive <a href=" ee">charge</a> under a cement levee wall. It would <a href="">blow a hole</a> in the sand mound. As the water flowed, it would destroy the levee base, and the cement wall would crash. The water movement would wash the evidence away.

With the Blacks gone, the property would skyrocket. You really have to wonder who would stick 20,000 people in the superdome when a CAT-5 (200 mph winds) hurricane was expected, and that would have collapsed the roof, killing everyone.
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