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Default Re: Who will be the first to confront the menace of America?

I believe the "elite" are those that find personal and economic gain in ruling over the many, by a handful of few.
Yes, but the Elite i'm and others are talking about are not the local millionairs or even billionairs. The corporate managers are but the lackeys of the true Elite...the European Banking and finacial dynasties who trace their lineage back hundreds and even a thousand plus years.

Money is irrelevant to them. Ruling human beings into submission and the adherence to an occult agenda at it's tip, is their thrill for the day. Their power and their meaning in life is not satisfied by mortal thrills. This is what you must grasp.

What we don't appear to agree on is that these elites do so in uniformity of voice and treatied vision.
Again, which "Elites" are we talking about?

I believe the various elites do so out of natural human tendencies to overcome their surroundings and mould them into something to their tastes, without concern for the next gardener, whether in agreeance or not.
Again...your Elites are the garden variety. I am talking about the Elite! They are NOT motivated by profit other than it is a useful tool for the forwarding of an ancient occult based vision for the human race. I know it's hard to believe. When I was exposed to these people I thought them a gigantic joke. I could'nt take them seriously. At a certain moment I realised they are quite sick. Literally.

I see or have read about all the references of global strife you've mentioned... but where we part ways is in the tying in of these acts by yourself as some black and white, "us against them" struggle.
They are just a couple. The point is you seem to think these people are just misguided. Because they wear a suit? Because McNamara has been shedding a few crocdile tears lately? McNamara is shilling for the disarmament movement now. Telling us that "we" are the great danger with "our" nuclear weapons. The answer? Global disarmament under the U.N One World Government.

Would it be better if they wore a tight fitting Devil Suit while they ordered the killing machines in? IS an "us" against "them" struggle. Good deeds over evil deeds. If you cant tell the difference you are in trouble.

Any reading which has caused you to settle upon a date of 2012 or whatever is reason enough for me to not care to peruse it.
A bit scary for you? You sound a little "absoloute". A little "black & white" on the issue. My belief comes from a multitude of sources. Again, you have peeled back a few layers of onion skin and think you've reached the core.

It clouds any reference to any "historical records" you maintain, and makes me question what profit visions you believe yourself to have recieved.
Tell me yours? BTW we're getting into a certain territory where i tell you to go fuck your mother. I prefer people who just mock openly rather than lefty cock sucker types who start with.."with respect".

I try to keep an open mind about my surroundings, and don't pretend to know how the future will exactly transpire,
Good to know you know which level of understanding you're on. If you stick around we'll teach you. Now what was it someone said here about open minds?

...except to notice the historical reactions of humanity in the past as a guide to what humanity will react to in the future.
Which again shows how woefully under read and lacking in direct experience you are. They will react in accordence to a specific plan laid out for longer than you can imagine.

If the peasantry rufuse to buckle under the initial "benign" and "seductive" aspects of the New World Order program...if inparticular Christendom and Islam prove to be immovable objects in their path...they will go forward with widespread destruction as a weapon of submission. This is their final oppurtunity.

After all, I've never believed in the concept of widespread utopian grandeur embraced by all...either by seduction or force. It hasn't in the past been adhered to.
Good for you! However...the present is NEVER a complete repeat of the past. This is where you fall down.

Please take your mocking tone and shove it. One thing I cant fucking stand is someone who starts their reply's with..."With all respect" or to FREEMAN..."I feel sorry for you".

The truth hurts. You wont last long here.
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