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Default Re: Is 666 the number of the beast or the Quran?

Freemann, thanx for asking.

It is a quote from a political cartoon that once caught my eye that just explained everything to me.

I'll find it and post it when I get my act together and fix my computer.

There's a picture of the wizard guy from Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter strolling, man to youth, from that rediculously endless series of books and movies that all of Britain waited for publication day to get fresh off thepresses, in hardcover. Even the adults were buying it up left, right and sinker. Harry Potter madness.

Hogwart's was the academy where the apprentice magician Harry went to study. The book became an ongoing series of best seller's because the media told the public it was a best-seller. Self-fulling public prohesy.

They ushered in the occult into the lamestream mind through this simple medium of a children's story book, leading to lots of hollywood films.

The message is,

It's all bullshit. They are telling you what they want you to believe as truth. The secret is understanding their methods of advertising. Once you understand the psychology behind that can see the method to their madness.

I once again hope I have made sense as I know I work a little different in my mind, than some, and I don't always explain things as good as I would like to.

mary XXX
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