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Default Re: America is Bankrupt

Things are rarely as they seem. I remember back in the mid 80's reading an article about how the Gov was going to increase Oil as a percentage of CPI (consumer price index, an inflation measure.) I mentioned it to a friend and he asked my take. I said the price of Oil was going down. The price of Oil went down and the inflation rate stayed tame.

The concept of an unemployment rate counts those eligible to be counted. What we truely should have is an employed rate. A percentage of those to want or need work that are employed. I suspect the rate would not coincide with the published unemployment rate.

I got this quote off a PBS GED program, I find math interesting. "As a columnist, I can have data say pretty much what I want it to say and still tell the truth."


The US doubled in value as a result of WWII. We produced about 20% of the world's wealth prior to and about 50% in the decades after. Almost every country in the world producing anything for export had to rebuild roads, bridges, hospitals and schools. We got fat and lazy at the same time we are being dumbed down.


Hey, feel good. Brazil may end up as the dominant economy in the Americas in not too many years, seriously.
We have met the enemy and ... he is us.

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