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Default Re: America is Bankrupt

truebeliever wrote:
Yes, if South America do as the Globalists tell them. They could undoubtably usurp the North.
It isn't a matter of do what you're told as much as the US is not what it seems.

How did Rothschild's get their wealth? Why were they called Hessians? (From a google search, "THE HESSIANS and the other GERMAN AUXILIARIES OF GREAT BRITAIN IN THE REVOLUTIONARY
WAR by Edward J. Lowell Harper and Brothers Publishers New York1884 ...".)

The US was built up for one reason. We are the new Hessians. Britain has one foot in the EU and the other in the "special" relationship.

(At one point in time we could say retarded, now we must use special. Yes, America the retard.)

Britain can turn their back at any moment and still be in step with Germany and France. Come on; the factory, the boutique and the bank. We (the US) are expendable and our currency will become worthless when our military resources are exhausted.
We have met the enemy and ... he is us.

Pogo (Walt Kelly)
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