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Default Re: Who will be the first to confront the menace of America?

I guess there is a disctinction to be made here, It is very possible to live a life far away from the realities of the global occultist elite. I mean, it will always be there, but depending on your good fortune, you can have a life outside of it, caring about your business. That's why it is hard for some people to accept that there is something going on.

I have learned too that God is gracious to let even people who are aware of the global occultist scum's plans to have some kind of a normal life. Especially after you have kids, you know it is important to have some stability in your personal life.

But this is no way means the globalists will stop their schemes and that eventually the consequences will get to you. It is just a survival techinique to keep your sanity.
Could'nt agree more.

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