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Default Re: America is Bankrupt


get a grip rythmless, clumsy Ozzie ! :-)
Here in Brazil people dance the samba, frevo and axé, not the rumba (Cuban crap).

The only advantage of living in South America is to be away from the globalists. That means no terrorist attacks, no hurricanes, no wars, etc, as long as we stay as a good far away colony sending the money to the banks at double the interest rate that your countries pay. That's what is happening today. Good trade surpluses gained with much sacrifice that go in entirety for the banks...nothing is left for the government or the people. The government is broke and can't invest in health, education, as it should. It is only the people who valiantly keep on fighting day after day.

Another huge advantage is FOOD. I have told time and time again, the problem in Japan, Europe and US is the price of food for the masses. When the rubber meets the road, that's what will be important.
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