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Default Re: Tell Me If I'm Wrong? Is The Tavistok Institute Having Another Psy Op On Us?

Just think about it...
China is country with so much censure that you can't even type the word democracy in the internet without a robot scan getting to you. If you say something wrong, you may be heading to the execution squad, to have your colagen harvested from your corpse later to be sold in cosmetics in Europe (true story).
And then comes a man and does this outrageous thing.
Of course he is allowed and commanded by the Party to do it !!!
Nothing happens in China that is not controlled. This shit is probably just one more attack in the holiness of life, one more degradation of human beings...why not eat the baby, it is just meat, just a biological machine to be controlled and disposed of by the Party, while they ride in their BMWs.
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