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Default Re: Marxism

:-? With all this constant talk of communism and internationalism of the trotsky variety which is what i assume you mean! You dont seem to realise that Liberalism has an internationalist element all of its own which never involved trotskyite socialism.
Liberalism has a Universalist school of thought which has nothing to do with socialism and developed indepnedently from it!.However it has everything to do with international Free trade!.
Really I think to call it communism and socialism is incorrect!.Because there is nothing socialist about the world and its present state of affairs although there is plenty of evidence of Ultra monopoly capitalism.
To deny this is to bury your head in your imaginary mccarthyite paranioa which has more cediability fifty years ago than it does in the 21st century and I think the majority would agree!.

It is not the people who want internationalism and socialism (especially not spontaneously), but subversive elements spreading subversive ideas among the people. And these subverters are generally not working class individuals (they are too busy earning a living), but petite bourgeois, paid for by some big bourgeois.
789 I thought you were a member of the petit bourgoise.Didnt you describe yourself as being a small business in another thread in which you attacked me for simply existing!.
It would be helpful to get your definition of working class. Despite all your claims that I am a marxist( I am definately Not) I dont believe in such thing as working class you apprently do!.

I believe that Marxist crap become irrelevant after the post industrial era.The process began roughly after 1973 when post modern capitalism gradually evolved from being industrially based and blue collar to being service and information based and white collar.Also the flexible nature of the modern capitalist workforce being casualised and contract based.
There is no working class in the marxist definition anymore. It has all been outdated that is one of the reasons why most modern marxists are more like Democratic socialists than revolutionary radicals because there ideology is so irrelevant in the post modern world they had no other option but to become more moderate and move to the centre!. :-?
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