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Default Re: Jews 4 Jesus..."What proof do you have that Jesus was the Messiah?"

I mean, dozens of prophecies were fulfilled.
Actually, I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a single OT prophecy that was fulfilled by Christ, all the moreso since about 90% of the OT prophecies were fulfilled centuries before Christ was even born.. Thomas Paine (founder of America) debunked this myth (that the coming of Christ was somehow *prophesized* in the OT) pretty soundly by the 1790s .. if you google around, I'm sure you'll find the references.

Which is not to say that Christ was not a holy man, if not the veritable Son of God.. it just means that Christianity and Judaism really have nothing much to do w/ each other (other than the historical accident that Jesus was born a Jew). Christianity is the continuation and perpetuation of the ancient Egyptian Mysteries and of ancient Egyptian Sun Worship. The Christian God, just like the Egyptian Sun God, is born on Dec 25 (near the winter solstice), He resurrects on the spring equinox, He's surrounded by a "house" of 12 apostles (i.e., signs of the zodiac), the apostles also describe Christ as "light" or being "clothed in the light" or "shining forth in light" or "his face shines like the Sun", etc.. Jesus is, in other words, the Sun God Himself incarnate..

Judaism, on the other hand, is the continuation of and perputation of (Persian) Zoroastrian fire worship. The Zoroastrians were the first true monotheists, and they worshipped their God in the form of fire. The Hebrew God of the OT, also, universally manifests himself as "fire".. either in the form of a "burning bush" or as a pillar of cloud and fire and smoke wandering through a desert.. Moreover, when the Hebrew God created heaven and earth (Gen 1:1), he didn't create "Heaven" per se, what he created was "shamayim", which translates out of Hebrew more like "fire-water" than it does as "heaven".. The word "Jesse" comes from the same root as the Hebrew word for fire ("esh"), and therefore the "branch of Jesse" is to be understood better as a "smoldering wick" or a "branch to be lit w/ fire", etc.. The legend of "Moses" is an (imho obvious) corruption of the Persian god "Mazda", etc..

Judaism did not exist on this planet before (circa) 500 BC, when it was created by the Persian (Zoroastrian) Emperor Cyrus as a "buffer zone policy" to protect Persia against the Egyptans. Cyrus deployed a bunch of Babylonian Magi (Magi who bore names like Nehemiah and Ezra) into the Levant to colonize the pagan Canaanites, and win them over (politically) towards Persia and away from Egypt. Hence all the language in the OT about "this is our land" and "God gave us this land", etc.. the Persians were trying to colonize Palestine, and if they could convince the pagan Canaanites that such colonization was the "Will" of God, so much the better. Hence also all the blatant anti-Sun-Worship propaganda in the OT.. the most obvious example is Joshua, servant of YHVH, who is able to command the Sun to stop in its tracks and move backwards, etc.. (the message clearly being "If you're an Egyptian and you worship the Sun, look at the power that our Zoroastrian God YHVH has! YHVH is soo powerful that He can command even the Sun god!").. the rest of the OT is rife w/ anti-Sun Worship (i.e., anti-Egyptian) propaganda as well.. (i.e., the (true) historical legend of the Canaanite Shepard Kings being warped into (false) the anti-Egyptian story of Moses, etc).

At any rate, point is Christianity and Judiasm are (ultimately) pretty much unconnected w/ each other.. In fact, if anything, they've historically been the deepest of political opponents (going back to the wars between Egypt and Persia).. certainly Christianity was never "prophesized" in the Jewish OT..

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