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Default Re: Jews 4 Jesus..."What proof do you have that Jesus was the Messiah?"

Following up on my own post, when you read the OT, don't start reading it at Genesis 1:1.. Instead, start reading it at 2 Chronicles 36:23, and work backwards from there. If you do that, it will become *blazingly* obvious (no pun intended!) that Judaism is nothing more than Persian Zoroastrianism, adopted to fit the needs of an Imperial colonization project in Palestine.. (to buffer against the influence of Egypt) :-P

(btw, if this is true, it utterly destroys all Jewish claims on the Holy Land as being the "Will" of God.. the Jewish claim on that land crumbles into little more than an ancient decree issued by an aging Persian monarch, and the legends of Moses, David and Solomon crumble into little more than fairy tales w/ about as much *historical* truth to them as Frodo Baggins has)..

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