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Default Re: Jews 4 Jesus..."What proof do you have that Jesus was the Messiah?"

nomad wrote:
right on ! ... now we can deduce in theory

the ENTIRE Hebrew dictionary this way ... meaning

if you were taught the meaning of each letter,

you can by yourself build the dictionary.

Now how many languages do you

know that work like this ?
Well, I don't mean to say that Hebrew (and/or Judaism) is not "divinely"-inspired.. There's great and deep wisdom in the Torah and the OT (esp the Prophets, the Wisdom writings and Genesis, imho), and the structure of the Hebrew language is certainly interesting, as you point out. Besides, the Babylonian Magi (<- if they are the true originators of Judaism) were certainly men of deep and devout wisdom.. nobody's going to argue against that.

However, it's one thing to say that your religion is "divinely-inspired" (<- I would hope that it is), it's another thing entirely to say that "God gave us this land, and that's the way things are".. As soon as you start talking about land and who owns it, you take yourself out of the realm of religion and place yourself into the realm of business and politics.. and the God I know couldn't care less about business and politics; what God cares about is you and your Soul ..

Besides, the numbers game (in Hebrew) only goes so far, doesn't it? I mean, citing your example above, the *real* word for "master" is Hebrew is actually "Baal", isn't it? (beth-ayin-lamed).. According to your algorithm above, that would translate as "house-eye-(whatever lamed stands for)" .. does that really work?

Incidently, Hebrew does bear a striking resemblence to Aramaic, the official language of the Persian Empire, showing once again the close connection between Judaism and the Persians.. ;-)

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