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Default Re: Jews 4 Jesus..."What proof do you have that Jesus was the Messiah?"

Until you have personally experienced the divine on a deep level you will never understand Christ beyond words in a book.

He may provide comfort and strength in times of adversity and encourage a rightous life...but the terms..."no one comes to the Father except by Me"...and..."the Kingdon of God is within you"...will still remain elusive.

Christ is the only modern Western mind to fully grasp his divinity in both hands and walk with it.

No one had done it before and no one has done it since.

Simple Easterners with Garden Of Eden consciousness indeed attain this state regularly.

God is looking to incarnate into fully conscious humans. So far he's done it once. It may be a fluke of evoloution. I here He's going to do it again.

Looking forward to it.

The term ..."nothing but..." to describe the life of Christ as in, "oh it's just a common sun god theme repeated throughout history". Indeed, lots of these archetypal themes are repeated throught fact - L-I-V-E-D in history.

The hero myth is a popular one...a man rises up against opposition and refuses temptation to go on to become a hero or King like figure to the people. Does that mean William Wallace never lived? Was George Washington a myth?

I dont mind people tearing at the flesh of Christianity every 5 minutes...what they need to do is come up with something that actually is'nt half baked bullshit designed to protect their little souls from the frightening knowledge that God walked the Earth for a short time in the body of one Jesus Christ who had some very specific things to say about some very specific things.

The best thing the detractors can do is say they are not willing to believe because there is not enough "proof", or "facts" and we can part ways happily.

Never in history has a more uplifting story of hope and grace been attacked ENDLESSLY by people who should distinguish between the failings of the Church and the amazing Ministry of Jesus The Christ.
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