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Default Re: Paranoid?

Yes, i would be paranoid.

All religious bent forums get extra special attention from the Intelligence services. Especially ones that bag a certain sacred religion.

If you get a knock on the door from Yiddish speaking art dealers or removalists, dressed in black...dont open the door. Especially if they break into spontaneous high 5's.

P.S. Hey there Truebeliever, I'v really appreciated your contribution to the various threads.
You are undoubtably a man/woman of incredible insight and greatness. It's the "calming prose" like nature of my posts is'nt it? :-(

But yes NOMAD...i would'nt be too worried. It just depends on who you write about and what you do for a living.

I mocked anonimity on forums. I dont anymore. My roof walkers in the wee small hours increased with my forum activity.
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