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Default Re: Jews 4 Jesus..."What proof do you have that Jesus was the Messiah?"

TrueBeliever here's one insight for you

supporting a possible trinity in the one G-d the


B + A


beth + aleph


2 + 1 = Trinity ?
I'm afraid i'm not a full bottle on such aspects of the subject.

I know many have a problem on the aspect of the holy trinity. I have none. God can be God and incarnate in Christ at the same time. The point is God is in You right now. The Kingdom of God is within you. Becoming conscious of this fact is the completion of your life and the final goal of any human being...and then get on with your life. We all have a specific destiny and a particular archetypal structure that endows us with certain gifts. Christ was a carpenter and ultimately a perfect vessal for God to walk about the Earth in. That was what He was good at and born to do.

All I know from direct experience, is that Christ is the only Westerner in history to calmly proclaim himself God and still keep his sanity. Probably because, as he said, it is what I have been born to Be from the beginning.

I could think of a million different stories that would enable one to control people and in total, the 4 Gospels just ar'nt something you make up to twist people around your finger. They are quite specific. In fact I only read them recently after relying on 2nd hand interpretations for a long time.

What a fraud! 2000 years on...converts in the hundreds of millions, a message of compassion and truth...and people have been at it since he opened his mouth on the subject. Indeed, the fraud of all time.

Lets pick on Buddah for a change? He was fat and had bad breath...i hear he also drank straight from the milk carton...
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