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Default Re: Grand Prize by Charlie Reese

This article was not posted for the deep thinkers, the hair-splitters, those who disect for possible hidden meaning, etc.

This was posted for those who find joy in the extraodinary ordinary. (Ordinary as a noun, therefore extraordinary becomes an adjective, not adverb ending in ly) :-D Those who want to "cut to the chase" without unnecessary verbage, who want to read and be able to easily understand the subjectmatter.

Surprisingly enough, not many people truly understand how inflation works. They blame everybody but the real culprit which is the system of fiat currency where the more they print and put in circulation the more worthless what we have in our pocket becomes so the less it will buy.

This man is my hero, his honesty cuts across the spectrum and spares not favors anyone. He is so refreshing I thought you might enjoy him, too.
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