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Default Re: Jews 4 Jesus..."What proof do you have that Jesus was the Messiah?"

To say that Christ has nothing to do with the Old Testament is to make Christ an aberration that simply appeared by itself. Christ Himself said that He was the completion of Scriptures (Old Testament at his time).
The problem is that people just don't read the Bible to understand the logic and the perfect struture it has. 66 books by 40 men in 4000 years and it is a whole that makes perfect sense.
God is not an absent god that let things happen. he is perfect control of everything, or He wouldn't be God at all, just a powerful being. That's why He has put together a plan for the redemption of mankind that included His message to the Jews, the Law, as a guide that would teach obedience and show that we could never obtain it by our efforts. The sacrifices of blood in Judaism were a model for the need of the sacrifice of Jesus' blood.
Jesus came to fulfill this plan.
To tell that Jesus and His teachings come from Zoroastrism or any other religion is absurd. There may be similarities in the teachings, because Satan copies everything and talks about peace and love, while at the same time he kills people.
To say Jesus went to Egypt to learn is ridiculous. Why would God go to Egypt to learn anything ? Much less to learn demonic magic ? Non-sense. This is to say that Jesus was a magician, a slave of demons, and not God Himself. It is in total contradiction of His teachings.

I prefer people who say that Jesus was a fraud than this nonsense of saying that they believe in this aberration , this contradiction, this magician they invented and call Jesus.

My friend Moulder, you are anything BUT a Christian.
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