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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?

truebeliever wrote:
I dont want to hear about the "great work" Icke has done.

I want to know why someone "dedicated" to the "truth" would honestly feel it nescessary to include his "shape shifting lizard" theory amongst his work? Even if it was "possibly" true...why poisen your OWN WELL?

I will be ordering his DVD BTW on the Illuminati as I have heard from people that i respect that it is good info.

However, take ONE look at his website...the guy is SO New Age I want to puke. How can we take this guy as SERIOUSLY on the side of "good".

He wants what "they" want. A people who believe that "infinite love" is ALL you need. The guy has an OBVIOUS messiha complex. He shows all the sighs of a man who has had an experience of the divine...he talks like a MASON!!!!!!!!!! He talks like an "illumed one".

This seems SO obvious I cant believe he has'nt been OUTED long ago.

Comments please...please "illuminate" me as to the goals of David Icke...

This image speaks a THOUSAND words...Seig Heil! Hitler too had a Messiah complex and spoke of NO NEED for Christianity as he based his life on "Parsifal And His Search For The Holy Grail". The "hero" who must find the "truth" for himself...and end up his own worse judge.

I am sincerely interested in this man as he has obtained a level of popularity which to be frank seems...ridiculous.
You people are hilarious! You have never heard David speak, you have never read any of his books, you have never met the guy or watched ANY of his videos, but all of a sudden you are an expert on the scam that is David Icke. Unbelievable.

I have been reading through this forum and I have to say that most of you have ZERO clue as to what is really going on. A whole bunch of wannabe conspiracy nuts who spout lots of CRAP.

Sure there might be a few informed people on here, but the vast majority are only here to stir shit up and post disinformation. YOU are exactly what you claim David Icke to be. YOU are a fake. I wouldn't doubt for a second that you are nothing more than an illuminati shill sent here to discredit any real research. What a joke!
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