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Default Re: Jews 4 Jesus..."What proof do you have that Jesus was the Messiah?"

Saturnino wrote:
To say that Christ has nothing to do with the Old Testament is to make Christ an aberration that simply appeared by itself. Christ Himself said that He was the completion of Scriptures (Old Testament at his time).
Christ said he came to fulfill the Law, and He also made statements to the effect that "such and such is the Law and the Prophets".. Nice poetic words, but realize that God's Law may or may not have anything to do w/ what the Jews call the "Law of Moses".. There may be Jews who decide to follow God's Law, and there may be Jews who decide not to follow God's Law... same w/ the Gentiles.. There may be Gentiles who decide to follow God's Law, and there may be Gentiles who decide not to ...

All humans have Free Will and God is no respecter of persons (<- this is, in so many words, the Law of which Jesus speaks).

The problem is that people just don't read the Bible to understand the logic and the perfect struture it has. 66 books by 40 men in 4000 years and it is a whole that makes perfect sense.

Whenever I hear about the 66 books by 40 men (<- by the way, Catholics might dispute you, since they count a different number of books in the Bible), it sets of John Darby alarm bells in my head. There is not a Protestant Church in America that has not been infected - to some extent - by the Satanic teachings of John Darby. Chuck Missler is the current day inheritor of John Darby's Satanism...

If you've never heard of John Darby or Chuck Missler, you should educate yourself on who these Dark Satanists are, since what you say here echos much of the nonsense that one often hears crossing their lips.

God is not an absent god that let things happen. he is perfect control of everything, or He wouldn't be God at all, just a powerful being.
God is the Creator all that is. Everything in Creation comes from God, and returns back to God.. Alpha and Omega and what not. Moreover, God's Law cannot be broken by anything in Creation, although Man - by virtue of his Free Will - may *attempt* (and usually does attempt) to evade God's Law. This of course will bring about a reaction on this who attempt to do the evading, and if the evasion is gross enough, it may destroy the "lawbreaker" body, mind and Soul.

However, it's important to realize that man has Free Will and that it is Man, not God, who is in charge of Man's own choices.. Where this otherwise, then.. well.. we wouldn't have free will(!)

That's why He has put together a plan for the redemption of mankind that included His message to the Jews, the Law, as a guide that would teach obedience and show that we could never obtain it by our efforts. The sacrifices of blood in Judaism were a model for the need of the sacrifice of Jesus' blood.
The Jewish interpretation of what constitutes "God's Law" is not necessarily the clearest that's ever been made in human history. Sure, the Ten Commandments are nice, and if the Jews had just stopped there, so much the better (<- the Ten Commandments are a *very* nice exposition of God's Law, btw).

The problem is, they kept going and kept adding it, adding nonsense like Leviticus and the Talmud and God knows what else... until what passes w/ the Jews for the "Law" is anything and everything but the Law by which God has chosen (in His infinite Wisdom) to order Creation.

Regarding your "own efforts," know that your own efforts do count for something. The most important Law in God's Universe is that "you reap what you sow".. Galatians 6:7 is where you'll find this, although truth be told every NT author spends some amount of time dealing w/ this (extremely important) topic. If you think God ignores your thoughts, actions and words, then think again. YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW, and you will be held accountable to God (on Judgment Day) for every action you have taken, every word you have spoken and every thought that has crossed your mind... God is ALWAYS watching..

To tell that Jesus and His teachings come from Zoroastrism or any other religion is absurd. There may be similarities in the teachings, because Satan copies everything and talks about peace and love, while at the same time he kills people.

You're saying that Jesus is Satan?! :-?

To say Jesus went to Egypt to learn is ridiculous. Why would God go to Egypt to learn anything ? Much less to learn demonic magic ? Non-sense. This is to say that Jesus was a magician, a slave of demons, and not God Himself. It is in total contradiction of His teachings.
The Bible SAYS that Jesus went to Egypt, Einstein (to flee the Slaughter of the Innocents). The Bible moreover makes the claim that Jesus was ordained into the Priesthood of Melchizedek, which was only active in Egypt at that time..

You do the math..

I prefer people who say that Jesus was a fraud than this nonsense of saying that they believe in this aberration , this contradiction, this magician they invented and call Jesus.
I understand.. You prefer wallowing in ignorance rather than knowing (or attempting to know) the truth.

(Although for the record, I never called Jesus a "magician".. that would be saying that Jesus was a Magi, and like I said, it is Ezra, Nehemiah and the Jews who are the proper inheritors of Magean wisdom).

My friend Moulder, you are anything BUT a Christian.
This is true, for I have not yet been born again of the Spirit, and as such I cannot truly be called a "Christian"... I'll just warn you, know, I detect *many* traces of John Darby's teachings in what you write here, and if you're a follower of Darbyism, that pretty much puts you in league w/ the Enemy (not to mention, the British Crown)

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