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Default Re: Who will be the first to confront the menace of America?

I didn't say people couldn't become lying, cheating, philandering, murdering, and money grubbing crooks with a little helping hand though. :lol:

Or bad cooks and worse lovers.

Being intrinsically good or bad takes conviction and perseverance in this life.

We are just born as is, and most of us, myself included just go with the waxing and waning flow of what works for us at the given moment in time, or taught us a lesson at a given moment back in time, for goodness or less than ideal motives.

If it was so black and white, there wouldn't be free will, and then what would you call existance?

I wouldn't call it existing on any level.

But that's just me questioning my existance and yours cause I can, and therefore I exist....

(You'll have to verify for yourselves if you truly exist) :-P
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