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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?

Yeh I forgot to mention, the lizard stuff in his earlier work I have always considered to be a bit dodgy and also his ideas on Christianity that are more aligned to the Gnostics. I was thinking of his research on the elite, the Bank of England, the bloodline dynasties and that sort of thing. I haven't come across any real errors in that part of it but the trouble is people can check and see this is all true and then on that basis start thinking other stuff, which is unverifiable, is also true. He recently started on the Bush-bashing tip which really made him look more like John Pilger or something and this was all really negative fear mongering. Then what happened is after his readers pointed this out he appears to have become less obsessive about that angle and I suppose his site has improved a bit and now features a little less of the mainstream news links. Whatever you may think it is important because his site gets a ridiculous number of hits, it tends to be more popular than a lot of corporate news sites.
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