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Default Re: Jews 4 Jesus..."What proof do you have that Jesus was the Messiah?"


To hell with John darby or Chuck Missler. You only have to look at the Bible, it is plain and clear what the Law is. It is also clear that Jesus knew exactly what it was. He made references to it all the time. I could start copying verses to you, but I think it is your job to get to the Bible and read it. That's what I did. It takes some work.
What I don't appreciate is the double speak you (and all the authors that try to disprove the Bible) use, saying that the Law is the Law but is not the Law...come on, make up your mind. Either it is what is clearly written or it is all a fable and a lie.

I can't believe that you really thought I equaled God with Satan. What I said was that Satan creates religions that mimick the peace and goodness of God, but deny God and Christ as a means of salvation. That means you try to live a moral life by your own efforts but according to Jesus end up in Hell, because you never wanted to acknowledge God as whom He is and in His terms. He makes all the effort, dies in a cross for you and you snob him. You say that the things He said are not exactly what he said, you refuse to follow his simple command to trust and obey. What else can anyone in this position want more from God ? Heaven it is not.

About Jesus going to Egypt as a baby...come on, what a low punch. You said he went to Egypt to learn magic as many new age books say without any proof, and in clear contradiction of everything that Jesus said. Of course you meant as an adult. Don't try to be a wise guy. People are intelligent in the forum and they get it.
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