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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?


Get a grip yourself ! People here have seen lots of Icke's stuff. I have. His great revelations can be obtained in several sites. Absolutely nothing is original.
The fact that he gets the Luciferian real human beings off the hook by telling they are lizards makes me suspicious that he is a fake after money, a disinfo agent, or a poor guy that saw a demon one day in a form of a lizard. It is so obvious...lizards (dragons) and snakes are symbols of Satan. He loves these things.
I had a friend once that started to get involved with new age shit and soon she was astral projecting, having visions, etc. She would talk to her spirit guides every night. She wouldn't do anything without their counsel.
I know other person who received visitations of demons at night that scared the shit out of her. At least in this case they told her they were demons and that they would destroy her, because she was a Christian ( a weak one at the time).
Read the many books about people who like my friend got into new age, contacted spirit guides. Then they turned to Christ and the spirit guides revealed to them that they were indeed demons and that they would kill them. And try to kill them they did. (books: Beautiful Side of Evil, Into the New Age Nightmare, etc)
The problem is that when someone is useful for Satan, like Icke, he never reveals himself as a demon. He will keep fooling the man that they are lizards ETs. He may even get a lot of money. See this shit from Brazil, Paulo Coelho. A bad writer, a punk, who now is one of the best selling authors in the world. Can't even write well. But as soon as one of those guys comes to Christ, all the spirit guides, aliens, etc., reveal their true identity.
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