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Default Re: Who will be the first to confront the menace of America?

Saturnino wrote:

You are so pretentious, man. I am a defeatist because I admit that I sin ? I can tell you, you probably sin 10 times more than I do, but you parade yourself as someone who will achieve sinless perfection. Look yourself in the mirror, I say. You probably screwed someone today or had an evil thought in the last 5 minutes. Are you never jealous, envious, angry ?
I do bad things, yes.. and good things. Íf you get the impression that I'm parading, then apologies. No, no evil thought in the last 5 minutes that I can point a stick at. I do however resent your implications that you and I are equal because of your faith of a God I probably don't share in, on any shared level.

That is by far more pretentious to me. You telling me the "truth". Christianity and it's wars, it's vile crimes, oscillations on "morality", and the door to door mosquito like nuisance it often presents as.

I can tell you that only Jesus gave me strength to sin less. He puts a big red sign before my eyes when I am about to sin. I was pretty fucked up before that.
If it works for you, then good luck.

The problem is that you, as all new agers, believe in the relativism of morality. It takes a lot of blind faith and romaticism to do it. Let someone take your wallet or kick you in the butt and you will see that morality is very absolute and easy to define.
Morality for me, or part of is having to deal with spiritualists so convinced that they have the key to their own salvations, they can't seem to mind their own salvations and leave other's out. Especially when they inflict their religions into government and public policy. The morality part is not necking them on the spot for intrusion into my belief system.

God is the parameter of morality. Without Him, we would be only machines, free to do whatever was best for us. I used to be an existencialist until I saw the absurd that it is to have morals without God. Without God, killing another person means absolutely the same as being good. Who could judge what was best ? Why respect life if you die and there is nothing after it ? Nonsense.
You make some leap of faiths not applicable to this conversation and seem genuinely concerned about subjecting another into your realm of fantasy and hocus pocus.

Like I said, whatever floats your boat. Keep your boat out of my waters and we're all happy.

Enter my waters in RL, and see how much sleep I regularly don't lose out on slamming doors on your faces, and tossing your noxious pieces of pulp literature in the bin.

Peace Godrod

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