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Default Re: My real name is....

You people are assuming that I am a believer in Ickes research. That I implied that by 'eating lizards for breakfast', I was symbolically referring to my constant diet of lizard info.

It was meant in jest!

Geez, these forums are all the same.

Every time ya join there are always a couple jokers who delight in bestowing their vast knowledge on various things without sufficient intel or experience.

I'm just here to learn all I can meatballs!

I just said I found my way here by way of the Icke forum. I just like to listen to everyones point of view. Sometimes it is quite comical!

Here's an idea, how about you hold off for a little and see what I'm all about before jumping to conclusions?


I'm after the NWO, just like you.
\"Learn to let go of everything you fear to lose.\"
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