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Default Re: First hand knowledge

Closest that I've been:
* Close friend (former journalist) wrote a balanced story on gun control. The story had to go to "head office", and came back with half the words missing;
* person I know closely working in social security seeing what is/isn't included in official inflation figures on a monthly basis (when big things are going up, they aren't included...on the way down they are);
* person I know closely was on the distribution list of a (Oz) document about AIDS vaccine, stating that given the research dollars that would go into it, it would never be offered to the masses, would have to be paid for;
* Partner had the misfortune to be injured while participating in a voluntary capacity of an organisation that had predominatly masonic and church executive. Got screwed over royally on the injury/compensation..and a lot more.
* Workmate had a dog with kidney disease, and was struggling with $70/week dog food bills. I built a diet off the web, saving her $55 a week, and the vet's response "well if you told me that you didn't want to spend that much, I would have said the same thing".
* family member gets a staph infection at a blood donation, loses a fortnight work, and is advised "We'll go broke before you do."
* person I know closely was in an operating theatre when a surgeon cut the arteries before they bifurcate on a (single) lung removal. Family told that he "didn't make it".

Nothing singly like dancing at the Grove etc, but a whole lot of shit that's annoying, given that WE EMPLOY THESE PEOPLE TO REPRESENT US
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