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Default Re: First hand knowledge

Could'nt agree more.

I meet people all the time with similar stories to tell.

I was told about the high level nuclear waste dump for here in West Oz a full year before it was formally announced by a contractor working on the road. I wrote and rang for 3 months and was told I was a raving looney and to stop bothering them. That was 5 government departments...there was NO waste dump. 9 months later they formally announce it. The West Oz public blew it out of the water.

Dozens and dozens of these tit bits are for the asking if you get out and about.

I like to talk politics and current affairs so you meet people in the end.

The Elite are like you and me. They are no mystery and connecting the dots is quite easy. There is more than one way to skin a cat but not that many.

I recommend Elite publications like the Wall Street Journal and Janes Defence Weekly over Icke.
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