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Nomad said: "you are waking up to what history has taught us all along ... man is still nothing more than a greedy beast and you are starting to see that we never exited the jungle"

That statement is an exaggeration, and indicates a pathological state of mind. Nomad's statement implies that all humans are greedy beasts, and all humans have jungle mentalities. Neither implication is true. What is true is that some humans are greedy beasts, and some humans have jungle mentalities. With that understanding, it is prudent to be wary of greedy humans and humans with jungle mentalities.

What follows are the results of the Google search "define: paranoia". Every definition describes a pathological state of mind. Paranoia is marked by an unhealthy wariness of all people and all situations. A healthy person has learned that such wariness is sometimes warranted, and sometimes is not warranted. Sheeple tend to not be wary at all. Conspiracy theorists tend to be paranoid. These extreme states of mind are both unrealistic. A healthy state of mind lies somewhere in between.

Google: "define: paranoia"

In popular culture, the term paranoia is usually used to describe excessive concern about one's own well-being, sometimes suggesting a person holds persecutory beliefs concerning a threat to themselves or their property and is often linked to a belief in conspiracy theories.

Suspicion of others that is not based on fact.

an irrational fear, suspicion, or distrust of others.

(par-a-noy-a): A mental state that includes unreasonable suspicions of people and situations. A person who is paranoid may be suspicious, hostile, or may become extremely sensitive to rejection by others.

Symptoms of delusions and impaired contact with reality but without the severe personality disorganization characteristic of schizophrenia.

A belief that the actions of others is demeaning or threatening. It is characterized by feelings of being exploited or harmed by others, and questioning loyalty or trustworthiness of friends or associates.

A psychosis characterized by a system of delusions with often include the belief of persecution or grandeur without hallucinations.

behavior characterized by highly developed delusions of persecution and/or grandeur. Adj. Paranoid.

A condition characterized by the gradual development of a delusion

Persecutory delusion, and suspiciousness in the elderly often are seen in conjunction with onset and progression of dementia.

a disease-like state, characterized mainly with abnormal suspiciousness and crazy ideas

Clinically, paranoia is characterized by highly systematized, persistent, incapacitating delusions of persecution and/or grandeur; commonly used to describe hypervigilence over a (mis)perceived threat, belief that danger is everywhere, and belief that those who do not recognize the threat are evil and part of the threat themselves.

Delusions of persecution or grandeur; unreasoning beleif that on is the target of conspericies and patterns of events aimed at one's destruction or benefit. In common usage, the term is a synonym for extreme fear, especially of other people and situations.

Slang term taken from psychology, used to refer to general terror or anxiety, usually with associated feelings of persecution.

A mental disorder, or an element of several other mental illnesses, characterized by suspicion, delusions of persecution and jealousy.

is a mental condition in which an individual unjustifiably feels threatened by other people.

Area: Human Psychopathology Text Pages (est.): 4 Peter Kinderman University of Manchester

a disorder in which a person becomes overly suspicious and emotionally sensitive

A tendency toward unwarranted suspicions of people and situations. People with paranoia may think others are ridiculing them of plotting against them. Paranoia falls within the category of delusional thinking.

a psychological disorder characterized by delusions of persecution or grandeur

Paranoia is a humorous role playing game set in a dystopian future similar to 1984, Brazil and Brave New World. The tone of the game is light and tongue-in-cheek rather than dark and heavy. The game is set in Alpha Complex, a large futuristic domed city controlled by The Computer. The Computer has made happiness mandatory. Failure to be happy is punishable by summary execution.
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