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Nomad said: "you are waking up to what history has taught us all along ... man is still nothing more than a greedy beast and you are starting to see that we never exited the jungle"

That statement is an exaggeration, and indicates a pathological state of mind. Nomad's statement implies that all humans are greedy beasts, and all humans have jungle mentalities. Neither implication is true. What is true is that some humans are greedy beasts, and some humans have jungle mentalities. With that understanding, it is prudent to be wary of greedy humans and humans with jungle mentalities.


Hummm last time I checked the majority of the planet's people were living in poverty .. I guess you only care about yourself ... if we were truly enlightened we would have helped
each other by now ... still think we are
out of the jungle even after seeing how
the New Orleans people were treated ? Instead
of food and water they sent in the army ??
Look at the lady wondering out loud where the help is. This only took place because the majority
of the people still think like you ! :-D

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