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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?

The same goes for Michael Ruppert. I've read most of his CIA drug scam articles and they seem genuine facts. But he's lately been writing rant-like polemic against for example people who think Gary Webb was "suicided", saying that anyone who thinks that is crazy, but he can't explain away the tell-tale signs of a state-sponsored suicide. He doesn't even try!

And then there is the Peak Oil business, of which I can't say much, other than it is interesting how the Russians seem not to worry about P.O. at all, whereas the Americans and the Neocons seem to be creaming their pants. I think their worry is all for show.
If there was a real significant threat of oil shortage, the NWO would've already put extensive investments into alternative modes of transportation many years ago, which actually seems to be the case, with all UFO's flying around; they are soo much more likely to be NWO clandestine projects than aliens...

Anyway, Ruppert seems to have sold out as well... Nevertheless, we should be able to discriminate between the good, genuine info and the disinfo of ALL journalists we value. They are the main targets for the spreading of disinfo by the NWO.
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