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to Nomad:

Jesus spoke of the wheat and the chaff coexisting in the same field, and that, at some future date, they would be separated and the chaff burned.

Sheeple focus on the wheat, conspiracy theorists on the chaff. An exaggerated preoccupation on the chaff is a form of paranoia.

I do not deny the existence of the jungle; however, you appear to be denying the existence of civilization and civilized people. I claim that civilization exists, and that many civilized people are working to improve living conditions for humanity as a whole.

It is worthwhile for us to oppose and minimize the effects of greedy, jungle-minded people, while at the same time working to build a better civilization for humanity as a whole.

I did not claim that you are paranoid, only that your statement is indicative of paranoia. Do you really believe what you said? Only you can answer that. The fact that you made the statement, and then defended it, is, at the very least, indicative of your having paranoid tendencies, IMO.

If you are a greedy, jungle-minded person, then I encourage you to develop more civilized qualities.
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