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Default Re: Jews 4 Jesus..."What proof do you have that Jesus was the Messiah?"


You are taking a story that makes absolute sense in the way that 99% of people understand and trying to make a case with a bad interpretation of ONE verse. Of course Jesus was made a priest in the LIKE of Melchizedech, like he was a KING in the LIKE of David.

God is not an evil being who would give His Word to people in a way that only 1% would understand. Even children can understand the way of salvation, and that's the way God wanted it to be. Salvation is not an intellectual matter, it is one of faith and the heart. People reject Christ because of pride, not because they don't understand Him.

Your reasoning is gnostic. Gnosticism preaches that only people who have special knowledge can be saved, or develop spiritually, etc. It is the same trick Jehovah's Witnesses and other cults use to say they are the only churches who understand the Bible. Get a verse out of context, forget all the story that the Bible tells and hammer that verse until exhaustion.

If Jesus had to go to Egypt, or India, to learn magic, this would be in contradction with everything else He said. Egypt was the center of demonic magic and demonic magic was the main enemy of Jesus. It makes absolute no sense at all.

When Jesus was 12 He was already at the Temple teaching God's Word to the elders...He was God, He didn't need to learn anything, much less from a bunch of Egyptian Satanists.
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