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Default Re: My real name is....

The Nephlim, whatever they were, were killed in the flood. If you read the Bible well, you will see that God was opposed to them in a radical way. Why would He allow those bastards to be around today ? Makes no sense.

Even Icke says that the lizards do NOT change in a material way, but says something stupid about another dimension. ID EST...a vision. Come to any macumba place or spiritist center and you can see as many demonic visions as you wish.

I know a friend who was involved with this shit and saw a big spider on top of him at night, Does this mean spiders come from outter space ?

What Icke doesn't know is that the Illuminati are Satanists, and magicians. Any third grade magician can get help of demons to give those ridiculous visions on people.
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