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Default Re: NWO International Vote Rigging Watch

Why am I not surprised?

"Update: 12 September 2005 - election result delayed:
The death of a German election candidate in the city of Dresden means the final result of the country's general election will be delayed by two weeks. Voting in Dresden's 160th district will not take place on the scheduled 18 September election day due to the death of a direct candidate for the right-wing extremist National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), officials said. Nevertheless, Germany's Constitutional Court has ruled that preliminary election results from the Sept. 18 vote can be released, despite appeals by unnamed citizens that they should be kept secret until Oct. 2 when a by-election in the city of Dresden takes place. Preliminary election results are normally released several hours after polls close at 6 p.m."

So the death of YET ANOTHER non-Socialist is playing a major role once again in European elections.

There is a list of dead microbiologists. Should we introduce a list of dead non- or anti-Socialist politicians?

Also, isn't it funny that in the two news reports, from and the German embassy respectively, they seem to deliberately down-play the political significance of this death, like it didn't really matter. They don't go into ANY detail about the cause of death, like that didn't matter either!

"Unnamed citizens"? Why unnamed? What are they hiding? Why would they want to keep preliminary election results secret? The report says they are normally released several hours after polls close? Why wait to a by-election? Is one election not enough?

Until I KNOW what caused his death, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE - I don't exclude anything.
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