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<a href="">Death of Nationalist Holds Up German Election Results</a>
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-12 01:38:46
Kerstin Lorenz was a forward-looking voice for unity and positive change.

The <a href=""> untimely death</a> of Kerstin Lorenz, a candidate for the German nationalist <a href="">National Democratic Party (NPD)</a>, has thrown a monkey-wrench into the hotly contested German elections.

Kerstin Lorenz, only 43, died after a collapse while on the campaign trail in her Dresden district. Her death will delay the results of the September 18 elections for at least two weeks since, under German law, voters in her area won't vote until early in October. Elections authorities have to print new ballots and the new candidate has to have time to campaign. The NPD has already named Franz Schönhuber as their new standard bearer in the nationalist strong-hold.

The German vote, which pits Social Democrat <a href="">Gerhard Schroeder</a>, the <a href="">Belgrade Bomber</a>, against a conservative coalition, is expected to be so close that the former East German city of <a href="">Dresden</a> may tip the balance.

Kerstin Lorenz lived a life for her people. An activist with the conservative Repulikaner, she fought hard for <a href="">unity with other nationalist forces</a>. Her position was that the nationalist message was so simple and self-evident that the time was ripe for a modern approach to German people, especially in the <a href="">ex-Communist East Germany</a>, an area plagued with high non-White immigration and unemployment. While her <a href="">strategy has had surprising success</a>, Frau Lorenz finally left the national Republikaner organization to become a stalwart with the NPD.

The NPD has been the target of serious state persecution, and their increasing appeal to Germans worries the politically correct of all the major parties. Frau Lorenz would be pleased that even in death she fought the corrupt system.


"Lorenz, 46, died yesterday after suffering a cerebral apoplexy on Sept. 5 during an election campaign event, according to the Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten newspaper."
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