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Default Leftists Stage Sick 'Tours' of Marxist Crime Scenes

<a href="">Leftists Stage Sick 'Tours' of Marxist Crime Scenes</a>
Report; Posted on: 2005-09-06 16:23:31
Macabre junkets celebrate 'glories' of Communist genocide[img align=right][/img]

We've heard of sex tourism, where wretched perverts, including child molesters, journey to Eastern Europe and elsewhere to quench their lusts. Now a similar trend has taken hold amongst wealthy Western Marxists.

Sick members of the White-hating far left in Europe and the United States are taking 'tours' of communist and ex-communist hell-holes to revel in the 'glories' of Marxist slavery. Commie Travel operates a travel-guide website and e-store giving tips and advice to those who want to gloat at places that have seen untold suffering due to the ideology red tourists still espouse.

Find the grey concrete hell of the former East Germany inviting, where one out of three citizens was a police informant? Commie Travel will steer you to all the hot spots. Or how about North Korea, still a Socialist Paradise? Commie Travel enthuses: "Visits to Korea are always very [luxurious]." Unfortunately, Commie Travel isn't too enthused about Red China: "It's hard to call the PRC still a communist country." Same goes for Cambodia, since Pol Pot was overthrown, but Commie Travel has plans in the works to help with visits to the nation where communism killed one-third of the population.

Image: Lazar Kaganovich, Jewish butcher of millions of Ukrainians

Commie Travel may be on to something here. Revolutionary tourism has been popular in Western leftist circles for generations, with tour groups going to the Soviet Union in its hey-day on all-expense-paid junkets to view Potemkin villages and meet pre-screened 'comrades.' And over-fed, privileged US college students still make annual pilgrimages to cut cane in Cuba, free to leave the suffering peasants behind in time for the fall semester.

Commie Travel puts things in perspective:

"Today the world is different. The history has been rewritten and the communist period has been reduced to a black page in the history books. A page to be turned quickly. As if life in Russia under Tsar Nicolas was a cosy happening, Batista in Cuba didn't build the biggest Brothel of the world and Vietnam should be better off as a French colony. There are different attitudes as well. In many countries in Eastern Europe communists are elected in the parliaments. In East-Germany (the former Deutsche Demokratische Republik) a wide range of "Ostalgie" - museums about life in the DDR can be visited. In a Georgian village near Tbilisi the Kunelauri family have erected a private Mausoleum for Stalin. There are many travellers who like to visit places of the communist development. Travellers who won't forget the historical importance of communism. To find these places you have to read a lot of travel guides. And most travel guides don't tell you much about the background of these places. Or they tell you only a few highlights. This internet-site has the ambition to tell about all the existing places with an importance to the left-wing development all over the world. Yet this site is far from complete. Only a few countries and a little background has been documented. We invite everybody to send us information to make this site as complete as possible. In the future we like to make this site inter-active as well."


Hey THIS, maybe the lovely guys at Commie Travel could help you find that beautiful <a href="">statue erected in fond memory of Judas/Lucifer in the city of Sviazhsk, Russia</a>? :-x
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