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Default Re: What is going on here?

Me thinks TB is right in this. Just this morning on the local Illuminati channel was a piece about DNA testing. Yes, folks for the small price of 3 to 4 hundred dollars you too can have your own customized diet to loose weigh based on 19 characteristics of your DNA. Way cool huh? A way for them to increase the database and have the victims pay for it too!
Oh a lighter note my daughter bought a horse last week. This event in my life seems to have significant karmic implications in many ways. First off horses are not very common in our suburban setting, space, land, and the wherewithall for my daughter to have a horse would be like me winning the lottery. But guess what?
This horse has pale blue eyes so here we go with the phrase "Behold a pale horse". God, like I need another dam project.
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